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Plastic Bottle Filling System
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  • juice-bottling-machine

    Juice Bottling Machine

    Juice bottling equipment suitable for products: fruit and vegetable drinks, tea drinks, functional drinks, dairy drinks, etc. This juice bottling machine has washer,filler,capper three functions in one body, it is automatic in total process and suitable for PET bottled juice and tea drink which can resistant high temperature.

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  • small-bottle-fruit-juice-hot-filling-equipment

    Small Bottle Fruit Juice Hot Filling Equipment

    Small bottle fruit juice hot filling equipment is WELL machinery in the introduction of foreign advanced technology,and carry out the transformation and innovation of products.Set flushing, filling, capping as one of the fully automatic multi-unit. Small bottle fruit juice hot filling equipment is suitable for the ideal equipment which needs high temperature hot filling beverage, such as juice drink,tea drink,etc.

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  • automatic-5l-big-bottle-filling-3-in-1-machine

    Automatic 5L Big Bottle Filling 3 in 1 Machine

    The automatic 5L big bottle filling 3 in 1 machine applies bottle handling technical and the filling valves go up-down when filling, which make sure the bottle filling goes stable, reliable during high speed. The bottle handling technical also make the different bottle changing easily without changing too many accessories.

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  • bucket-water-filling-machine

    Bucket Water Filling Machine

    Bucket water filling machine consists of frame, water tank, pipeline, water pump, air tank, transmission machine, electric machine, can finish empty barrel washing , filling , capping. The whole working process was control by PLC, realize stability washing effect, accurate filling capacity and perfect capping effect.

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  • plastic-bottle-rotary-filling-monobla-machine

    Plastic Bottle Rotary Filling Monobla Machine

    XGF type is plastic bottle rotary filling monobla machine combines the function of washing, filling, capping system in one machine, based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, according to pure water, mineral water and other drinks process requirements in China, self – developed and designed PET bottle filling machine with a leading domestic level.

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  • automatic-drinking-water-bottle-filling-3-in-1-machine

    Automatic Drinking Water Bottle Filling 3 in 1 Machine

    This automatic drinking water bottle filling machine is full-automatic multiple-function washing, filling, capping unit. It is used in washing, filling, capping all kinds of non-gas drink, such as vinegar, wine, mineral water, pure water.

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  • soda-water-3-1-filling-machine

    Soda Water 3 in 1 Filling Machine

    This soda water filling equipment adopts bottle neck holding transmission technology to realize fully automatic rinsing,filling and capping.Most elements of the electrical system employ famous brand advanced products.

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  • drinking-water-liquid-filling-equipment

    Drinking Water Liquid Filling Equipment

    This drinking water liquid filling equipment adopts bottle neck holding transmission technology to realize fully automatic rinsing,filling and capping. Most elements of the electrical system employ famous brand advanced products. Each machine element that contacts with the liquid is made of high quality stainless steel. They obtain the advantages of good abrasive resistance,high stability,low failure rate,etc. The quality of the drinking water liquid filling equipment reaches the international advanced level.

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  • edible-oil-filling-equipment

    Edible Oil Filling Equipment

    Edible Oil filling Equipment using quantitative cup structure, through the cylinder to drive the cylinder piston repeated movement, the oil is poured into the bottle quantitatively and the quantitative accuracy is high, filling speed, two-speed filling, fast first then slow down, quantitative and more accurate.

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