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Water Treatment System
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  • small-RO-beverage-blending-water-treatment-machine

    Small RO Beverage Blending Water Treatment Machine

    The RO device is an equipment to purify the saline water with the action of pressure difference of semi-permeable membrane. It is called reverse osmosis, as it is counter to natural penetration direction. Different materials have different osmotic pressures. The RO method adopting large osmotic pressures is for the purpose to separate, extract, purify, also can remove 97% of the resolvable saline in the water and over 99% of glues, microbe, particulate and organic substances, ect.

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  • automatic-pure-water-treatment-systems

    Automatic Pure Water Treatment Systems

    According to the customer requirements and the source water quality,WELL machinery adopt different equipment to produce pure water, mineral water,etc. The main equipments with pure water treatment machines are silica sand filter, active carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger,hollow fiber,RO,UV sterilizer,precision filter,ozone generator,water tank,etc.

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  • mineral-water-treatment-system

    Mineral Water Treatment Systems

    Mineral water treatment system is through a variety of physical and chemical means to remove some of the water production and life of harmful substances, such as water filtration and purification equipment. Water treatment system with RO reverse osmosis devices, ultra-filtration and na-filtration equipments. It applies to pure water, mineral water and drinking water ,etc.

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