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Automatic Carbonated Beverage Filling 4 in 1 Machine
Automatic Carbonated Beverage Filling 4 in 1 Machine

Automatic Carbonated Beverage Filling 4 in 1 Machine is mainly used for filling carbonated beverage such as Coca cola, Pepsi-cola, Sprite drink,the automatic carbonated beverage filling equipment is most applied for plastic PET bottle, it can be easily adjusted to fill various shape and volume of bottles.

Product description

Automatic Carbonated Beverage Filling 4 in 1 Machine Technology Characteristics:
1. Air conveyor is connected directly with bottle in-feed poking wheel, and installed with pneumatic bottle blocking equipment
2. Stainless steel bottle clips will not touch the screw of bottle mouth to avoid second pollution.
3. Automatic carbonated beverage filling 4 in 1 machine with high efficiency nozzle with water spray, and everywhere inside bottle  can be washed because of water spraying by angle, bottles will be very clean and save water.
4. Clips and flip system are all from igus of Germany, it is corrosion resisting, no need bearing maintenance.
5. High precision and high speed filling valve.
6. Magnetic torque capper to ensure the capping quality and torque.
7. Bottles go out by bottom supporting, the support plate is designed spiral down curve, so no need to adjust the machine and conveyor height.
8. Hole in the machine table is flexible and with sealings,so that the possibility of leakage is 0.
9. Main electronic pieces are all from global famous brands.
10. Automatic carbonated beverage filling machine can be used for water filling after simple change.
Features of Automatic Automatic Carbonated Beverage Filling 4 in 1 Machine:
1.Air conveyor system is adopted in bottle entry section and belt conveyor system is adopted in bottle exit section, the two conveyor system speed can be adjusted to work in synchronization with transducer of the main machine to make the operations of moving bottle steadily and reliably.
2.It adopt hanging type conveying-bottle structure, The bottle neck is cramped and bottles are suspended during the operation process, this avoid many malfunctions caused by thinner bottle body and different height of bottles, the design also reduce the required number of changeable parts for changing between various bottle, make bottle change more convenient and with high efficiency.


3.Japanese and Italy technology is employed by balanced pressure filling, with liquid tank and bottle inside pressure balanced during filling, the filling is faster and liquid level is accurately controlled, and avoid leakage and dropping.
4.Spring cramps are used in the bottle washing process, the empty bottle can be turned over 180degree along the conveying rail, there are two times of internal and external washing to guarantee high efficiency for washing.
5.The magnetic torque is used for screw capping, the force of cap grabing, and screw capping can be adjusted steplessly, the force of the screw capping can also be fixed to avoid cap damaged and make sure reliable capping.


6.The horizontal rotary pneumatic cap sorting device is used to avoid the damage to the surface of the caps, and when there is a shortage of caps in the cap storage tank, alarm signal will be generated and the caps will be fed automatically.
7.The whole carbonated beverage filling equipment is controlled by PLC program with touch screen as the human-machine interface,The liquid level in the storage tank is automatically controlled, the filling and capping will automatically stop when there is no bottle, when the bottles are cramped wrongly or when caps not available, the machine will stop automatically.
8.All parts that have direct contact with water are made in SUS304 stainless steel to reach the requirements of Food sanitation.


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