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Filling Equipment
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  • Small Bottle Water Filling Production Line

    Small Bottle Water Filling Production Line

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  • Water Filling Equipment

    Water Filling Equipment

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  • Hot-Filling-Equipment

    Hot Filling Equipment

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  • carbonated-beverage-can-filling-machine

    Carbonated Beverage Can Filling Machine

    Carbonated Beverage Can Filling Machine is a new product developed and manufactured by Well Machinery on the basis of introducing and digesting similar products at home and abroad, combined with the company’s many years of production experience. The carbonated beverage can filling equipment for filling cans combines the functions of filling and capping on one body and realizes automation in the whole process. It can be applied to the filling of cans with beverages and fruit drinks, and can be used in conjunction with canning machines.

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  • glass-bottle-beer-filling-machine

    Glass Bottle Beer Filling Machine

    Beer filling machine is WELL Machinery introduced advanced foreign technology and combined with the company’s many years of production experience, research and development to create new products. Glass bottle beer filling equipment using isobaric filling principle, filling speed, liquid level control. Glass bottle filling equipment with touch screen man-machine interface buttons, PLC computer control, with a lack of cover, overload protection alarm device, timely detection and troubleshooting, high degree of production automation.

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  • glass-bottle-mineral-water-filling-machine

    Glass Bottle Mineral Water Filling Machine

    Glass bottle mineral water filling machine is WELL Machinery in the introduction of foreign advanced technology,and carry out the transformation and innovation of products. Glass bottle mineral water filling equipment can finish all the process such as press bottle, filling and sealing, it can reduce the materials and Outsiders touch time, improve the sanitary conditions, production capacity and economic efficiency.

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  • carbonated-beverage-filling-machine

    Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine

    Carbonated beverage filling machine is WELL Machinery reference to foreign advanced filling machine technology to transform and innovate products, It adopts the direct connecting technology between air converyor and bottle infeed starwheel,It’s convenient for bottle size changing. Its plastic bottle filling machine structure design is more simple and reasonable, high precision, easier to operate.

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  • juice-hot-filling-machine

    Juice Hot Filling Machine

    Juice hot filling machine uses UHT direct way in order to reduce pollution. Feeding way give priority to liquid tubes are connected to  the distributor by static seal, avoids the disadvantages of traditional hydraulic cylinder, which is difficult to clean.

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  • Barreled water filling machine

    Barreled Water Filling Machine

    We can provide the automatic de-capper ,automatic leakage checker,barrel brusher,automatic cap loader ,barrel elevator and thermal shrinking machine,etc.It is according to the customer’s request.

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